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Our history

Great Premier Solutions (GPS) is a start-up manufacturer and retail business specialising in the design and manufacturing of the new innovative passenger vehicle window sunshades trademarked Window Apron. The company was established in August 2018 as a limited liability company and is now based at Riversands Incubation Hub, Fourways, Johannesburg. This location is in the heart of Gauteng Province and will provide excellent access to the market around Gauteng and nearby provinces.

The reasons for exploiting the opportunities of choosing the manufacturing of vehicle sunshades are to provide innovative solutions to the following problems:

  • South Africa and many other countries the world over have extreme naturally hot weather climate which means vehicles are exposed to large amount of sunlight through the windows, so it will help keep the inside of car cooler and protected from heat damage.
  • Passengers especially babies are exposed to the risk of eye damage and skin burns caused by the harmful UV rays from the sunlight.
  • The WindowApron™ sunshades offer more than just being sunshades by addressing the drawbacks of most of the existing sunshades as follows:
    • Allowing the operation of opening and closing of the window while fitted.
    • Covers the entire aperture of the door frame and therefore offers maximum cover.
    • Is not susceptible to flapping about during driving of the vehicle.
    • It has stabilisers which help keep it stable.
    • Lasts longer due to indirect exposure to harsh weather conditions.
    • The mechanism for securing the sunshades to the vehicle door is not susceptible to slipping off, particularly where the vehicle door is of an exceptional shape.
    • It is customised therefore it offers an elegant, classy and complementary look and fit.


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