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WindowApron™ sunshade

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Vehicle Sun Shade
Vehicle Sun Shade
Vehicle Sun Shade

What our clients say

“The WindowApron is an excellent accessory for every car as it helps with the harsh sunrays especially towards the little ones at the back.

It also doubles up as a sleek window tint 😉. Great stuff. A must for every car!

Neo Molusi

“I am a typical car you drive pass on the N6 with a towel or baby fleece flapping on one of the backseat windows – all to protect my bundle of joy from harmful UV rays! Unaware I was damaging my windows while doing this. Buying the WindowApron shades was one of the best decision ever, it comes in a custom fit design for every car and my color of choice just complemented my windows. The window function was not interrupted after installation. The personal touch from the manufacture to ensure the Windowapron was fitted in correctly in my car was just a cherry on top. Now road trips to see granny are a pure bliss cause my son is protected and I’m not damaging the electronics of my vehicle window.”

Vuyi Guwa

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